I have an idea. Add permeable pavers to the road every regular interval, and select an aggregate that is large enough to disrupt skateboard wheels, but small enough to allow bikes and auto traffic. Add some ability to capture rainwater and you can probably use some weird grant to create very Portland-like amenities that also make skating those hills no longer any fun. They'll just go somewhere else.
I have an idea. Who cares? Let them do what they want. They're not hurting these neighbors.
We have big squishy wheels Mark Scott. We can ride over rocks, sticks, cracks, bumbs, cobble, small children, birds and rodents. Your Permeable pavers sounds like fun to early grab over, maybe they could put a speed bump in too for a bit of extra air time. Tell you what, how about a bank on the edge of the road to pump off as well and we could turn the whole road into a full blown skatepark! New challenges on a road are always welcome. A cattle grid at the bottom could be awesome too, they make Norwegian hills really special, could be a bit of international influence in Portland!
street luge!
countering a senseless ban with state statistics doesn't clarify this very much. just hope they're contributing a lot to society in other ways, since if they lack health insurance and hit a parked car they'll soon be drawing from the county $ pool in a big way.
Once the auto drivers start driving at the posted speed limit of 25 mph and actually stop at the stop sign on kingston and fairview then I'll take their safety concerns regarding those out of control skaters seriously. Why not post a traffic cop there once in a while to cite both drivers and skaters that break laws.
Why don't we just ban motor vehicles in Arlington Heights? Obviously the neighborhood's highest priority is safety. You're going to see vastly more cars speeding, running stops signs, failing to stay in their designated lane and impeding traffic; lurching to near stops, wandering aimlessly trying to find the Rose Garden, while bitching at Siri about their kids hating them.
The reality is that banning skateboarding will only make criminals out of recreationalist. Like Commander Crebs mentioned it is hard enough to enforce the general traffic laws as is. Making it illegal will only further justify an outlaw attitude towards the rest of rules on the hill. Meaning the skaters will be less motivated to obey any of the traffic laws. The skate community is actually already working with the city to make skateboarding on Fairview safer, and while the change may not be immediate, we are already seeing more of the skateboarders obeying the traffic laws everyday.
i got a ticket at 130 in the morning for running the stop sign on fairview by an undercover mustang...seems like a waste of a nice undercover least im 300 dollars more in debt now! thanks arlington heights hope you like your money and health insurance cuz im doin just peachy without it. please just let me zoobomb..its the only reason i like portland..
or YOU and intolerant clones like you could just move to a place where everything is just how YOU want it and EVERYBODY(but you of course)gets banned from doing anything that is basically harmless and fun.

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