What's the concern? Bottled water in general? Or are they concerned about drying up Cascade Locks?
Some big concerns are as follows: 210 trucks thru our downtown a day (that's an average, their peak season coincides with our tourism season) Damage and safety issues caused by those trucks. Another (partial route) has been suggested, but requires bringing a frontage road up to grade to handle both the weight of those trucks and a left-hand turn lane at state taxpayer's expense.

2) The lack of knowledge regarding the extent of the aquifer that our Dry Creek based wells tap into for town water and the possibility that a draw down could occur, infiltrating the aquifer with Columbia River water. If this happens, we will be obligated to pump water for our townsfolk, the Ox-Bow Springs and the Nestle Plant and Nestle wants to just sign a memorandum of agreement, not a contract, plus, when previously faced with a request to stop or reduce their pumping capacity, they did not. That is why they only want to be a customer of Cascade Locks, no one can then ask them to stop using water without asking everyone to stop using water.

3) Only 48 jobs will be available, none can be saved for the citizens and may well be people commuting from other towns, we cannot add to our tax base. No way to require said employees to have families, so we cannot re-open our closed High School.

While I remain firmly opposed to bottled water in principle, the opposition to this to me seems silly at best.
210 trucks a day?!? Isn't that like two or more train loads a day? Damn! That sounds like a gold mine for the folks at cascade locks. I can't believe there's even that much spring water flowing. But good for them if there is.
Nestle is abusing communities all over the globe ( Keep up the work and keep them out of Cascade Locks!
Hey Franklieb, you're so right, too bad the folks at Cascade Locks won't get the profit.
Whoops, make that Benjo...
And Nestles 'Life'water is either from underground in the USA, or is filtered tap water. Unless you use a Dr HR Clark Synchrometer, you won't know what you are drinking. As for the the rest of their 2000 plus products, not one passes between my lips. Take their Fitness brand cereal 40% sugar, GM corn etc.

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