News Jul 5, 2012 at 4:00 am

OLCC Pulls Plug on Amanda Fritz's Downtown Malt Liquor Ban


This is good news, the booze ban was highly discriminatory and probably hurt for than it helped. Malt Liquor isn't a great thing, but it obviously shows class favoritism when it is banned but "craft" brew of similar alcohol content but higher prices are allowed and that there are already so many bars in that areas as it is.

There are plenty of enough belligerent and drunk (usually wealthier) douche bags in that area on the weekends to show that the policy isn't really solving anything expect trying to control to gets to be drunk on the streets based on how much money they have.

Too bad about the creepy surveillance camera system that is probably going to be expanded city wide.
^ Great points, sir or madam.
From a legal perspective, this is discrimination. From a humanity perspective, the real discrimination comes from the cheap minimart stores who are predatory to people with substance abuse problems.

They (minimart type stores) are no different than predatory lenders setting up shop in poor neigjborhoods or crack dealers selling drugs next to treatment facilities.

This situation has nothing to do with class or income -- good for Amanda Fritz for pursuing this. In the end she's in the right.

Anyways, since it appears the OLCC and these stores like 7/11 want a "free market" solution to selling alcohol and are apparently concerned with equity, then localities should be able to levy taxes on types of alcohol that people drink and subsequently cause societal problems like crime and violence. Microbrew drinkers and local wine drinkers aren't the ones causing the majority of these problems if we want to be the most fair about this.

Let's decrease excise taxes on these alcohols and jack up the taxes on cheap booze. For equity's sake, of course.

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