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Mama Cops


Wonderful Sarah.. but one small clarification..
"...Rice is hoping the bureau can work with neighborhood businesses to create a list of places where it would be okay for officers to stop in regularly and use a bathroom to pump milk."
Oh MY.. we don't want women pumping in a bathroom.. the businesses we recruit will have wonderful non-bathroom lactation spaces that will provide rest break accommodation!
Female officers milking their jugs in the workplace, swell. Can't wait to see the bottles in the station fridge, next to someone's lunch. "Want some cream with that Captain?" I am sooo glad to be retired...
Well, it's awfully nice of the PPB to [finally] implement these accommodations for their female officers. No seriously, i think this is one of the very rare positive things the PPB has done. And there is some hope that a DIVERSE police force (e.i. that more closely resembles the CITIZENRY it's suppose to *protect and serve] would be better for everyone... as oppose to a force made up almost entirely of power-trippin', 'roided up, erectile-dysfunctional, post-jock White males. Also, female cops [over-all] do tend to be more humane than their male comrades (especially when they're NOT having to front for a male partner).

All that said, however, it's just too damned bad that the PPB still has not extended this level of courtesy to the general pubic. Anyone with any sense knows that police forces are about as misogynistic as they are racist. Fact is, women are typically in danger for their safety whenever in police custody. Most of my female friends have horror stories about how they were badly mistreated (including the threat of rape) by cops. Plus, you can ask ANY sex worker how the average cop regards women.

I'm not trying to trip, i'm just being real about it - i seriously hope that people who read or are aware of this story don't start having it in mind that the police are "alright" just b/c of a few small frontal (however positive) changes that are made. This ain't about individual cops, it's about the whole goddamned matrix.

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