Also, if any of you inner-SE-Portlanders know this dog owner, you might want to consider dropping the dime on her. (I have no connection to the case, just spotted the poster.)…
On the live feed. That guy totally fist pumps prematurely. Then spazzes out with extra emphatic fist pump action.
Fruit Cup, the reason for his premature fist pump is that this rover landed on Mars two weeks ago, and all these people knew it. Especially this guy. If the mission had failed they would have just quietly swept it under the rug and NASA would jet propulsionally killed off all the scientists who'd been on the project for the last eight years. But we wouldn't have heard about it because of the media something something. So basically when you think about it this guy almost blew their cover with his early fist pump. But then when he realized that the cover was still not blown, he then spazzed out super hard and was like, "YEA!"

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