Cruelly slashing Medicare is a hallmark of the Willard Romney/Paul Ryan cure for what ails America. But, curiously, that prescription isn't so popular with the rank-and-file Republicans in legislative races trying to con votes from their elderly neighbors.

Medicaid—the federally funded, states-run program for the poor—actually marks a bigger contrast between the Willard Romney and Barack Obama campaigns. Romney would whack the crap out of it. Obama would like make sure more needy Americans have access to safe, cost-effective, non-bankrupting preventive health care.

No one knew what the fuck Clint Eastwood was about to do the other day when he acted strangely on stage.

The makers of Thalidomide, the leading baby-shortening drug of the 1950s, have decided to apologize after several decades.

A fool and his lottery bonanza
will soon be parted, one McDonald's value meal at a time.

It's been 50 years since Northwest drivers burned up, on average, so little gasoline.

The Mormons are cool with caffeine now. So long as it's mixed in with high-fructose corn syrup and packaged by a leading soft-drink manufacturer.

Imagine that. Someone writing on the O's opinion pages would rather not have to look at homeless people—calling for a cop-led beatdown instead of better-paying jobs and invigorated social services and health care funding.

I am clearly the descendent of a lost race of primitive humans.

Don't stick your head out of moving buses.

Don't lecture people
about the "right way" one might shoot oneself in the head.