How Are Those Military Gays Doing? Just fine, thank you. One year after the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, the open presence of LGBT folks has not undermined the military.

Money in the Wind. With tax credit in peril, the major wind power industry is slashing jobs.

Fast and Not So Furious. American Attorney General Eric Holder is cleared of any wrongdoing in the massively botched gun-busting operation.

Rioting Calms Down in Pakistan: Protesters angry at an anti-Islamic video have finally peacefully dispersed from outside the US Embassy in Pakistan.

Terrible Crimes Still Mounting in Syria: While media's moved on to focusing on riots in the middle east, a new report is out about widespread torture in Syria.

The Anti-Occupy: The Koch brothers are planning a big protest in New York to "stand up to Occupy extremists."

An Epidemic of Sexual Violence: Federal officials take over the social services of a North Dakota Indian reservation where dozens of abuse cases went unpunished.

How Do You Parent Gay Kids? More research on good ways to be open about your kids' sexual orientation.

Um... Not Like This: A secretly recorded conversation in a cab details Paris Hilton saying gays are "disgusting."

North Korea Taunting Us... With Pop Culture Parody. In an apparent attempt to pester South Korea, the North Korean government created an internet video parodying the dance video "Gangnam Style."

Don't Say You've Never Wanted to Do This: A woman screaming "I'm Jack Sparrow!" steals a passenger ferry... and then crashes it. Apparently she was high?

Ralph Lauren's First "Plus Size" Model: The mainstreaming of not-stick-thin models includes Ralph Lauren's hiring of Robyn Lawley, who at size 12 is still pretty dang skinny.