Obama's Gettin' All Serious: What's this, no campaign chatter? Just a speech to the UN about how we need to make sure Iran doesn't build a nuclear weapon? Okay, go ahead, be the president.

BTW: Obama is leading in Florida and Ohio.

Pointless Violence: Academics' research says the US's drone strikes are counterproductive because they kill so many civilians that they help terrorist groups with recruiting, rather than shutting them down.

Also Helping With Terrorist Recruiting: Only two of the five marines caught on video peeing on dead bodies will face prosecution.

What Does An Unemployment Rate of 50 Percent Look Like? Half of Spain's young people are without jobs. Some have become accomplished Dumpster divers.

The Most Dangerous Part of Flying: Anything involving a runway.

"The Breast Cancer Equivalent of Putting a Man on the Moon." A new breast cancer study on the genes that breast cancer mutates is apparently a giant leap for mankind.

Cute Cats All the Time! A new study shows that the brain is more receptive to good news than bad news, which we tend to block out.

Good News for California! The state passes a law increasing birth control access by letting registered nurses (not just doctors) prescribe birth control.

Everyone's Mad at NFL Refs: Some replacement refs made a dicey call during a Green Bay Packers game last night and now people who care about sports are hopping mad! Speaking of which, were you aware that the lingerie football league still exists? And that they fired NFL replacement refs for incompetence?

Sometimes I Wish We Had Real Tabloids Here.