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You Won't Like Me When I'm Angry


Can we put Eileen Brady back on the ballot? Some of us are suffering from buyer's remorse.
The difference is, Hales is doing this in his political, professional life. I'm not aware of any instances where Smith has shown anything like that temper on the stump. Regarding the rally where Smith cursed, it wasn't AT anyone; it was about him and was essentially self-deprecating: "Why the fuck do you want to hear from a politician anyway?" Hales brings a reputation for having a bad temper in Council. The continuation of that attitude will have an impact, if Hales wins IMO. Don't mess with Smith in pickup hoops, and you'll be fine.
I've met Hales a couple times, and he struck me as mild and genial to the point of blandness. It actually didn't strike me as a bad personality to have in a mayor, sort of a kindly uncle.

Only it seems like from this story he's not that, not at all. That he's one thing on the surface and another thing underneath. Kind of a passive-aggressive Minnesota-nice surface concealing a resentful hostility. (Wait, maybe that means he's the PERFECT mayor for Portland.)

Smith at least seems like whatever he is, he is through and through, at least from what I can tell based on reporting and his public appearances. He's a shitty driver but he owns up to it, and he's obviously intense and bull-headed, which is a recipe for bad behavior in pick-up basketball.

But it could be a good thing if he's bull-headed in politics, IF he has the right policy positions. And he does on the CRC at least. When almost every other politician in the region was taking the weenie position on the CRC, "oh, well, I don't much like freeways, but what is one to do?", and going along with it despite their misgivings, Smith just kept saying loud and clear: bad idea, bad idea, bad bad bad.

And from what I can tell Smith doesn't switch into a different personality when talking in private, which is definitely a point of non-creepiness in his favor.
Exactly, anylanding--with Smith, what you see is what you get.
Given the news of the week, do you wish to amend your 'rage equivalency index' comparisons between the two candidates? We now know of two incidents in which Jefferson Smith has hit people. One time, a girl in the face - the other a man in the nuts. That doesn't count the shoulder bash that got him bounced from the coed soccer league last year...

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