It's a Deal! The real NFL refs are back in the game after signing a contract yesterday.

Are Polls Biased for Obama? There's no trusting the early polls that show Obama has a lead—keep holding your breath.

Not Exactly a Good Talking Point: Mitt Romney has said privately that he'll repeal Obama's no-torture policy.

Big Money, Finally: Super PACs are finally drawing in big donors for Democrats.

A Flood from Syria: Hundreds of thousands of refugees are leaving Syria and many, many more could be coming.

Drug Bust! Mexico says it has finally arrested one of the big Zeta kingpins in its bloody war against drug cartels.

The End of Vodka Served in Fishbowls: Looks like terrible college bars are on the decline.

Settling With Occupy: The protesters pepper sprayed on the UC Davis campus during Occupy protests settled their cases against the guards for nearly $1 million.

Male Birth Control in 10 Years? No, really, they're serious this time.

Bizarre "Sons of Anarchy" Death: One of the stars of the TV show is found dead in the street outside the house of an 81-year-old woman and her cat, who were also both dead.

And in Closing: Samuel L. Jackson has a profanity-laced new ad for Obama!