Two "vulnerable road users" were killed in Portland this weekend in fatal car crashes. At 2:34 am, police responded to the middle of the Burnside Bridge on reports that a woman on foot had been hit by a car and left in the road.

Police found the woman, in her twenties, lying injured in the eastbound traffic lanes. Witnesses told police that they thought the woman had been sleeping on the bridge and may have gotten up disoriented and wandered into the lane of traffic when she woke up. Police later arrested the alleged hit-and-run driver, 30-year old Kemisha Anderson, whom they charged with Driving Under the Influence.

Then last night, just about a mile from where the city celebrated walking-and-biking in the streets with East Portland Sunday Parkways all day, a man riding a bike on 148th and SE Mill was struck by a car and killed. No other details are available from that crash, but the bike-rider has died. I believe this is the second death of a person biking on Portland streets this year.