News Oct 18, 2012 at 4:00 am

Will Right to Jury Trials Spell End to Protesters' Charges?


Under Common Law, there can be no crime without a victim and proving intent to do harm. Trespassing, is not a crime, but a Tort. Public property, is not private. As far as the Right to an attorney, the defendant will be required to way Rights to Privacy. The application grants release for the court to investigate the defendants finances, but Rights are not mutually exclusive. One has both, the Right to an attorney AND the Right to Privacy. All that being said, the Court is invariably contemptuous of Rights.
If the charges are dropped and the Court appoints attorneys, just bear in mind that the attorneys are paid by the Court and are Officers of the Court. A Court paid for attorney will condemn his client with faint praise, and never investigate and build a real defense.
Too bad I can't edit here like on facebutt now. That is to say if the charges are NOT dropped.
Multonomahn, I think you ought to look into what a 'public defender' actually is….first and foremost, they are not "officers of the court", they are lawyers employed by private non-profits that are financed by Oregon's Public Defense Services Commission. Some for-profit firms have contracts to take a certain number of court appointed cases as well.
I'd like to hear your basis for saying that public defenders "never investigate and build a real defense." Do you have any experience in the field to back up that claim? You remind me of internet commenters who rag on teachers for being 'lazy' as the teachers sit at home grading papers in their free time.

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