re: the assignment clause.

Actually, the contract is perfectly clear that that HTWT owns this calf if it survives 30 days. The assignment clause doesn't change that or leave the parties to "hash things out" as situations arise. It just prohibits one party from unilaterally assigning the agreement or rights under the agreement without the other party's consent.

If the Zoo is going to want full ownership, it will probably have to pony up some (of our) cash.
+1 Babygorilla.
Babygorilla's right.

The term "assign" in this context means either party's ability to pass it's interest on to a third-party.

You guys really should spring for an attorney to look this over before you do any more analysis of what it means.
Have Trunk Will Travel has Banksy's painted elephant on its website. Maybe some future elephant can also live the dream of being painted like a damn rug!
Nah...both sides saw a PR disaster happening for both sides. This is what spin looks like.
@Euphonius: your standards for the staff are entirely too high sir. Also, your argument is irrelephant!
Nice one, showstopper.

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