News Apr 3, 2013 at 4:00 am

Old Town's "Entertainment District" Might Have Cut Down Crime—But It's Not Creating Fun


This program should be done on a smaller geographic scale, but permanently. Close off a few streets to automobiles completely. Create pedestrian corridors (like those around the Harrison Towers, near PSU) and fill those with benches, artwork, food carts, green plantings, etc. That would create a welcoming daytime atmosphere as well as a safe party environment.
Old Town, the new French Quarter. Better than Times Square and hipper than Riverwalk.

Nah. never going down there. Too many cops. Its safe and scary. Thugs and pigs liking each other is interesting if you are under age maybe.

What's missing is actual good restaurants and entertainment that isnt just for suburbanites.
A-HA! Boiler Room!

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