Portland is one step closer to welcoming West Hayden Island into the fold. Despite concerns over health and ecological impacts, the Portland Planning and Sustainability Commission last week voted 7-3 to recommend city council formally annex the 800-acre parcel. That would set the stage for the Port of Portland, which has owned the land for nearly two decades, to construct a planned marine terminal. Before any of that happens, count on a long, lively debate before city council. Environmental and neighbor groups have sworn to fight the project, and the death of the Columbia River Crossing has raised questions about its feasibility. DIRK VANDERHART

Portland's transient street kids—a perennial target of scorn—aren't winning themselves any new friends. According to the Portland Police Bureau, a group seated outside of the Portland Outdoor Store on SW 3rd assaulted a 70-year-old employee on Monday, July 15. Police say a suspect struck the employee in the head with a skateboard when he asked the group to move so he could hose down the sidewalk. The incident comes as Mayor Charlie Hales turns his attentions to curbing aggressive panhandling in the city. He's been meeting with business leaders, police, and homeless advocates in recent weeks, and policy changes could be forthcoming. DVH