Oh, so all we have to do is fix poverty! Is that all? Then I will patiently just stand here accepting skateboards to my head until poverty is fixed.

Typical bleeding-heart Portlander logic:

1) Profess to really, really CARE about something
2) ?
3) Fixed!
I don't see anything in there about why Portland seems to have so many more homeless than other similar sized city. And it ain't because every other city is spending more money.
@Chuck. Contrary to popular belief, Portland does not have more houseless people per capita than other citys. Thanks to the propaganda monsters lies, there just ain't enough money to go around to fix this problem. Look at recent city budget cut for service, lack of beds at shelters, and OH, don't forget those tax breaks that don't work, it just seems like it. Tax cuts are like asking your employer for a pay cut. Would you ask for a pay cut?
I wouldn't mind targeting "people experiencing mental health on the streets downtown."
Gee, why isn't anyone taking these suggestions seriously? It clearly states we should "detour" people!
Just in the last 2-3 years, Portland has added or expanded upon many different social services in town such as:

-Macdonald Center
-A new drug treatment center at the old Burger King in Old Town
-The $50 million Bug Clark Commons
-An upgraded and moved Salvation Army for Women on 2nd (just a few weeks ago)
-An expanded Blanchet House.

To say we don't invest in this issue or to say we need to invest more is ungrateful to what many Portlanders have helped pay for.

Also, when do we as citizens get to see some improvements in the city's homeless problem? Are we doomed to keep spending/donating millions on these projects and getting little to nothing in return for businesses and citizens?

I don't mind these services being in town, but if the situation only gets worse after we build these, that tells me we're not going down the right path and we need to rethink the situation.
Dale: According to the Atlantic, I'm right.…

I travel a lot on business, and no where do I see anywhere close to the amount of homeless as I do in Portland. It's not even close.

Homeless numbers are taken in the winter. I'd argue Portland's homeless population swells a good 25%, possibly more in the summer.

You're in denial that this is not an issue, or that Portland's numbers aren't high.

Even in cities with high numbers of homeless people, there is less of a conflict and more livability and code regulations that are enforced which reduces conflicts like we have.

I mean, we have homeless youth allegedly following and attacking people where they live. And, it's not the only time something violent has happened like this.
Having traveled a fair bit over the years, the reason why Portland is singled out on homelessness is that we have put far more focus on it than others.

Issues on homelessness are mental illness and an unwillingness by some on the streets to try to assimilate with the laws of the land.

There are so many types of homeless people. there are those who legitimately fell on hard times and may need a crutch to get back on their feet. Those people would be the first off the street if you can get to them.

There are those who don't need to be homeless and maybe aren't truly homeless, but find that asking for handouts earns them more than a regular job. We perpetuate this system by continuing handouts. Want people to stop begging on street corners, don't give them anything. It might sound cruel, but you aren't helping them. The adage of give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day, teach a man to fish, he'll eat for a lifetime applies here.

The mental hospital wards are closed and people had to go somewhere. Because they don't really know what to do, have issues with lifeskills, money and training, landlords won't rent to them, employers won't hire them and society shuns them.

That said, there are still others who refuse to live by the laws of the land and feel entitled to do whatever they please. Those are the ones who have pillaged and violently attacked business owners like an outlaw gang.

These "signholders" I won't give the time of day to. Those that you see are truly needy, I will offer food to the food banks for, offer to donate time to the shelters etc.

Our society tries to help people, but are in many cases are confused by what a true "need' is.

Camping on the sidewalks doesn't fix the issue, just like the "occupy" thing. Discussion and advocates for change and how to really make it happen without just throwing dollars at it is important. None of those people want to do that, they don't lobby, they ambush, they don't talk or discuss, they argue and turn people off.

You want change, you have to be willing to do some yourself, the rest of the world is forever changing and you need to catch up.
Stuart and ws, well put. Excellent observation and causation explained. We do have a problem here, and help is needed at a number of levels.

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