News Jul 31, 2013 at 4:00 am

Security Work Pays Well for Portland Officers, but Stirs Questions


Next time Occupy has a protest they should hire the PPB to protect them from PBA riot cops.
This is a good line of reporting! The Department of Justice described a similar arrangement in New Orleans as "an aorta of corruption" within the police department. And a story on moonlighting sheriff's deputies exposed some, er, real issues there with where the money goes:…

Keep it up please, Denis.
Insightful report. This newly revealed reality poses an epistemological dilemma for Portland citizens: some of the uniformed cops we see on our streets aren't really cops (with a sworn duty to protect and whatever) but instead, are, for the nonce, independent contractors working for, say, the PBA. If I'm sleeping in front of City Hall at 7am, is the person kicking me awake a cop or a contractor? In most places, one can slide by using simple premises like "if it looks and quacks like a duck, it is one." Not here! Local city and county intrigues are more labyrintian than the mazaes in a Philip K. Dick novel. Brrr.
Dan Handelman of Copwatch lol.

if you watch them he will let the cops know.

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