News Aug 14, 2013 at 4:00 am

Citizen Panel Raps Newly Promoted Cop

Rand Renfrow


Say what? "jaywalking was the reason he stopped McCorvey, which his boss, Lieutenant Mike Fort, called a legitimate pretext to investigate someone for prostitution"?? I had begun to wonder whether lucidity has totally left Portland, and now I know that it has. One and a half million for new computers for the police is a total waste (City Council, 8/14/13). Jaywalking is often the safest route for a pedestrian (no cars to enter the intersection the pedestrian legally has the right to cross). Seeing someone jaywalk is NOT a legitimate reason for investigating anyone for prostitution. In any neighborhood. It's not rocket science. Hmm, other the lacking the ability to make lucid decisions, I wonder what other critical thinking skills are absent from the force.

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