News Aug 14, 2013 at 4:00 am

Dan Saltzman Is Housing Commissioner. Or Is It Really Charlie Hales?


Thank you for this update on the Mayor switching the Housing Bureau from Comm. Fish to his colleague Dan Saltzman, and the related implications.

I remember visiting the Occupy camp mid-day Saturday of the final weekend in 2011. Nick Fish was there trying to arrange temporary housing for those in need. I was very impressed by his thoughtful approach, in the trenches so to speak, on a weekend.

I'm disappointed, but not surprised that Hales switched the Bureau away from a housing activist commissioner and is taking on more of the leadership role himself. It was clear during the Mayor's candidacy--and his response to forum questions about the Occupy Movement--that he would take the Portland Business Alliance-favored approach to "cleaning up" the streets.

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