Yes Denis, you saved Portland's homeless by writing a courageous article. That's just what happened.

Steve Duin lives in Lake Oswego. It's real easy to criticize another city's vagrancy problem from one of the most affluent monochromatic towns in Oregon. I'm sure our problems seem quite manageable to him as he buzzes out of town every afternoon putting them completely out of mind. Perhaps Steve could tell us about the generous and understanding homeless programs of Lake O. In short, fuck him.

Fish is a non-entity. It's funny to see him act like he's done anything at all in his time on council.

Meanwhile, one of Denis' friends was arrested for threatening to kill an officer this afternoon in Terry Schrunk plaza. He probably just needs a free house. You won't see that reported here of course, because the Mercury simply pretends the news they don't like doesn't exist.
Oh, snap!
From Denis' reporting, you'd swear the PBA was some kind of shadow organization bent on world domination. It's a group of business, owned and run by citizens of Portland, who want a chance to be successful. That's it.
It's a good thing that you morons, and online commenters in general, aren't indicative of popular opinion. Do you get paid to do this shit? Because you all sure do spend a lot of time on this website supporting the PBA and their strong men in city hall and the police department.
No more time than you, Rob.
Lol! Really? Are you aware that the Mercury tracks all of your comments?

Let's break down the total number of comments posted:

Blabby - 2302
Chuck - 583
Babygorilla - 277
Me - 5

Leaving aside the fact that "No, you are!" is just about the dumbest retort you could come up with, it's not even true. Go back to your day job losers.
No YOU are!!1!
278, bitches!
@ Rob:

Are you also aware that the Mercury posts the date when you created your account (which usually is the same day one posts their first comment)?

You started commenting 6 days ago. And you've commented 6 times. That's an average of one comment per day. Blabby, to use your example, started commenting 5+ years ago. If you do the math, i believe that comes out to an average of around 1.3 comments per day. To your 1 per day.

If now you comment in reply to this one, that'll bring your average up to nearly 1.2 per day. Slippery slope, my friend -- you'd best keep them fingers off that keyboard, or soon you'll be one of those moronic "online commenters in general".

And, to use your other examples, you're already crushing Chuck and Babygorilla's average, by the way.

And yes, i'm fortunate enough to be on the clock as i type this, getting paid (not well) to do this fancy math and contribute to this fine little pissing match.

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