The Portland Business Journal this week has released its annual look at city of Portland payroll data, including a slideshow breaking out the city's 25 top earners. As expected, it's a mix of bureau directors and public safety types—well-paid cops and firefighters whose always-on jobs expose them to buckets of overtime.

But one name was a notable surprise. Officer Ron Frashour, the officer fired in 2010 (and then reinstated last year) over the shooting of Aaron Campbell. He actually earned more than the man who fired him, Chief Mike Reese.

  • via the portland business journal

But if $210,000-plus seems like a big number, let's consider the reason why. As part of his reinstatement last year (the legality of which the city is still challenging in a state appellate court), Frashour was given back pay, plus interest, for the nearly two years he missed. Close to $160,000 worth, PBJ points out.