A Bureau of Development Services analysis says homeless rest area Right 2 Dream Too should be allowed to move onto a city lot beneath a Broadway Bridge ramp, and without a lengthy design review, because the site is a "community service" that fits under current city zoning designations for its proposed spot.


The letter (pdf) is a response to inquiries by R2DToo and, interestingly, Dike Dame, one of the prominent developers with stakes in the property, at NW Lovejoy Court and Station Way, and in parcels nearby.

The letter and an accompanying resolution (pdf) will be heard by the Portland City Council this coming Thursday, from 2-5 pm and 6-8 pm.

Update 2 PM: This approach is precisely the same one the city council took last year in approving the Portland Playhouse in the King neighborhood, after code enforcers initially said the playhouse was a retail use. BDS Director Paul Scarlett says community services can have a housing component and must be run by nonprofits.

Scarlett also says parking requirements for the lot aren't as fixed as documents indicate and that some parking will remain on the lot. Fritz has said all along that R2DToo would occupy the portion of the lot farthest from the Union Station tracks.