The solution is real fucking simple. Eliminate the Pig Department and hire Wackendudes like they have at Groom Lake, which are subject to doing as they are fucking told or fired, sued and charged with crimes.
As much as you'd think someone who wants to be a cop, by nature, is a certain type of individual; on the other hand, anyone who wants to be part of an oversight mechanism of the police force would seemingly have their own axe to grind.
What a surprise. Cops and their unions want things to stay just the way they are. That's so they can keep on being sure that they'll never be fired for even the most egregious offenses!
Tri-Met has hired Wackenhut before. I haven't seen them around lately, though. You can special order guards from them, who have military police experience. At Area 51 the rent-a-cops carry M-16s and have permission to threaten to fire at will. They are extremely effective at scaring the hell out of intruders, but nobody has ever been shot by them who has ever come forth to tell of it.
The PPB needs a complete house cleaning, including the police unions. Start from the top and work your way down.

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