Here we go again.

Backers of a new push to legalize marijuana just announced they've formally filed an initiative with the Secretary of State's office. The group New Approach Oregon, already has shown robust fundraising ability—one more akin to successful efforts in Colorado and Washington than Measure 80, last year's defeated pot legalization push in Oregon.

Measure 80 failed to attract big money because of its poor logistics. New Approach Oregon seems to have figured them out. Its biggest donation so far is $50,000 by the Drug Policy Alliance, a force in Washington and Colorado's efforts last year.

“We continue to encourage the legislature to act, but we are taking steps now to ensure Oregonians have an option to enact a responsible marijuana law in 2014 that creates a strict system of control,” said chief petitioner Anthony Johnson.

I haven't seen a copy of the initiative yet, but Hit the jump for a rundown from the new campaign.

UPDATE, 10:06 pm: read the thing for yourself [pdf]. It's 35 pages.