OMG! Did they "get together"?! I heard they totally "got together"!
Gotta say, it totally makes sense to spark up before a parade. Parades are *boring* for the participants - a joint would make all that walking and waving much more tolerable.
Tabloid trash. Why can't Portland have an alt-weekly for grown ups?
I follow the Barton Fink lifestyle.
Sex outside of marriage, pot smoking, and office politics - this reads like every fucking relationship in Portland. Who cares?
Come on people now!
Smile on your brother -
Everybody get together!
Try to love one another right now!
"Sex outside of marriage, pot smoking, and office politics - this reads like every fucking relationship in Portland. Who cares?"

Uhhh...I kind of care because this is a public office that's making decisions in the public's interest and using public money. You've heard of the word integrity before, right? Outside of Jeff "The Toke'n Coke'n" Cogen's pee-pee touch party, this affair resulted in the loss of jobs for several people, the loss of funding for other programs as funding was shifted away to play favorites for Sonia, and the further erosion of the public's trust in our elected officials.

I was a huge fan of Jeff Cogan, there was a time when he was one of the only public figures in Portland I felt I could believe in. I find this soap opera silly and juvenile as well, but it's also heartbreaking on many levels.

The DOJ may not have found any "criminal" behavior, but they certainly uncovered plenty of unethical behavior, and this sham of an investigation is one more example of how pathetic and crony influenced the department has shown itself to be over the last several years. Did anyone ever really think the DOJ would actually come back with anything? Hell...they didn't even bother to interview David Austin, Cogen's right hand man. Pathetic.
I never cared about this affair. Far as I'm concerned, the only injured party is Cogans wife.
And I felt no ill-will towards Manhas, untill reading this.
"an alt-weekly for grown ups" Ha ha ha. Oh, you were serious?
Nice bit of deconstruction of the report, here. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to head down to California and see this Jeremy fellow.
9/27/2012 would be the band "Further" at Edgefield, which I guess is the bass player from the Grateful Dead's new project. Ugh! What a waste of nose candy.

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