News Nov 27, 2013 at 4:00 am

Waking the Silent Masses


For what it is worth Denis, your op-ed printed here just landed on Nick Fish FB page with a "thank you, for challenging us to be bold."

Nice work.
Denis, do you ever travel to other cities? My guess is that you don't. If you did you'd realize that even in much larger cities you don't see aggressive pan handlers on every other corner, people laying on sidewalks all day in commercial and retail districts, and shanty town tent camps in the middle of town. In the USA Portland is pretty unique in our accommodation of homeless and tolerance of anti-social behaviors. Why does Portland have these problems while NYC, DC, Minneapolis, Seattle, Dallas, and Phoenix do not? Why do other cities provide their homeless with one-way bus tickets to Portland?
Denis, the silent majority does "speak up." By giving money to the shelters, food bank, building affordable housing within our resources, and a $40 resource access center just a couple of years ago. Maybe what the silent majority wants is for the homeless advocate agencies to stop lecturing us and show some appreciation every once in awhile. Maybe we would like the downtown of the city we love to be civil and not menacing, and not look like crap.

Here is typical liberal Portland thinking:

1) Really really CARE a lot
2) ?
3) No homelessness!

Caring isn't a plan. "Someone just needs to give us more money" isn't a plan. These agencies will always say they need more money. There is no "enough". They will always tell you that some sort of watershed is right around the corner if they just had X more money.

Portland is humane. I and many others give money directly to these agencies, and I'm sick of people like you telling me I'm "inhumane" because I get sick of aggressive criminals downtown, and I don't want my city to look like shit. Fuck you. What exactly have you done recently Denis, besides talk? "Care" a lot?

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