News Jan 8, 2014 at 4:00 am

Portland's Largest Asian Market Is Striking Back at Activists


It's always good to go to the bullhorns and picket signs before filing a complaint.
There might be some serious reasons why filing a complaint would be a bad idea.
Journalist hack talking out the side of his mouth with a suggestion the workers went too far and should of used official channels. Funny how you fucked it up by providing a great example of how great these official channels are, "OLI sent two warning letters and closed the case."
I would not trust BOLI to do much of anything, believing otherwise is naive. The reasons are pretty obvious if you know anything about labor disputes and prior incidents (with other companies ). I could name a few markets and businesses this publication has reviewed or at least mentioned that have horrible track records of employee abuse and lack of rights. Not much of a surprise but many of the employees are minorities or recent immigrants to Oregon. Quite often they are too afraid to speak up. The owners of said businesses are all too aware off this. Disgusting, as are these allegations if proven to be true
VOZ and Jobs with Justice are experienced in dealing with these kind of complaints and have resources to help with actually getting to a resolution. From the reporting here, it sounds like the "Fuck that. We're gonna set a precedent" approach of this group might not be the most effective approach to actually improving the lot of the workers involved.
They are working with Voz. Do some research please.
I will not shop there.
"BOLI sent two warning letters and closed the case."

Well, this says nothing about whether the case was closed because the issue was resolved or because BOLI simply stopped pursuing it.

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