You know that striking new light rail/pedestrian/cyclist bridge slowly coming to completion near South Waterfront? TriMet's just announced the four finalists for its name, and they're some very... namey names.

•Abigail Scott Duniway Transit Bridge (named after the noted Northwest suffragist and Oregon Trail conquerer)

•Cascadia Crossing Transit Bridge (self-explanatory)

•Tillicum Crossing Transit Bridge, Bridge of the People ("tillicum" is a Chinook word meaning "people," among other things)

•Wy’east Transit Bridge (named after Mount Hood)

Not super inspiring, right? I don't know that I was expecting better, per se. Just different. Especially since campaigns had been mounted to name the bridge after a much-loved Portland street musician and Lisa Simpson. None of these have the hefty, industrial matter-of-factness of a Steel, or even the decrepit, slightly terrifying subtext of a Sellwood. I'm not sure I even know how to pronounce "Wy'east" correctly. But there you have it.

As it happens, today's Mercury contains 26 suggestions for what might have been, including entries like:


•The How About Fixing the Morrison Bridge Bridge

•Some Dumb Kid's Science Fair Project Bridge

and probably best of all

•The Jaden and Willow Smith Legacy Bridge

You can read the rest when the Mercury finally makes its way out to you in physical form or gets its act together and puts the new issue up online. Until then, poll!