By now, we know the transit bridge taking shape near the South Waterfront will be christened one of four sort-of-ho-hum names.

One of them will be picked, there will be griping or cheering or apathy, and eventually Portland will adjust to the new order. This is how human progress works.

But what what might have been? And how creative, racist, vulgar, fantastical, and urgently sympathetic to Nazis could Portland be in its suggestions? TriMet just released a full list—more than 200 pages of your ideas that the Mercury and other outlets had requested. Some highlights:

Kirk Reeves, the beloved street musician who died in late 2012, got by far the most votes, in various iterations.

•Second place? "Bifrost," a word I wasn't familiar with, but which Erik Henriksen was super excited about when I mentioned it.


So there you have it.

Robert Libke, the Oregon City police officer recently killed in a shootout, also had a strong showing.

More, mainly terrible, options after the jump.



•Batman Bridge

•Beau Bridgelove

•Beer Bridge

•Boondoggle Bridge

•Bridge of Portland: The Portland Bridge of Oregon. Portland Oregon. In Oregon. Not Washington. Or California.

•change the name every year

•Clyde the Glide Bridge

•Darcelle XV bridge

•Drunkard's Choice Bridge

•F*** Boats
•F****** Awesome (Bridge)

•Fast Willy

•Getto Express


•Hitler did nothing wrong
•Hitler Did Nothing Wrong




•Mao Zedong Bridge

•Moda Columbia Sportswear Nike Adidas Brought to you by Widmer and McMenamins sponsored by Intel, Providence and Kaiser Permanente with special thanks to Portland Brewing, Stumptown Coffee, and Portland Spirit Dinner Cruises Bridge

•nacho cheese

•Naked Against the Rain

•Snowden Truth and Liberty Bridge

•Sparkle Pony

•uncle phil's way

•Woop Woop Bridge