DoD study on random polygraphs for personnel.

"the polygraph is the single most effective tool for finding information people were trying to hide." - DIA, NSA.

CBP could require current employees to undergo polygraphs.

Make policy that polygraphs for all new hires expire every 2-5yrs.

Random drug, lie detector tests for Police Officers in Spain.….

LAPD body video cameras.…

The honest, brave officers with integrity deserve better.

And so does the public.

Wherever you are in the World, in your own jurisdictions, in your own capacity, you can do something, anything, just one thing. And make a difference.

Break the code. Break the culture.
Please, Cops shouldn't be expected to take polygraphs.
However, I am in favor of drug testing, as they carry weapons with them.
While normally I am somewhat hostile to any of the public unions, I felt empathy with the Turner after reading all this.
Mr. Turner should resign; he misrepresents what happened at the Fairness Hearing with Judge Michael Simon. Over 60 people most just citizens came to tell their stories of what it is like to come into contact with the Portland PD. The organizations that deal with police accountability are surly important in what they see and hope to see changed, but it is the everyday citizens that got to me. Stories of police taking stuff away from the homeless, the “Sweeps” where the homeless are told to move, but have no place to go, the arrogance of the rank and file. Mr. Turner should resign because he does not understand that the people who took the time to testify are fed up with the Portland Rogue Gang who is paid for what they do. Mr. Turner missed the point that business as usual is not good enough, we want a police force that the Department of Justice will someday say, and they are trying. You use the old saying that says, “…We put ourselves at risk on a daily basis” That one will not work anymore; the citizens are more at risk on the streets from your police than you are, and we don’t get paid. Why is it you guys don’t like living in Portland, the city you protect? Why is it that you have the City Council so afraid of you that they will not make real change? Why it is when people cause the citizens millions of dollars in awards to the use of excessive force, not one police officer is held accountable? Yes, Mr. Turner you should resign because you do not represent the good guys on the force who want to be part of the community, you represent the bad guys who once said to me, “Take my card, they will not do a damn thing to me” and they didn’t. Say goodbye Mr. Turner you time as Union President is up!
I understand the President's frustration. Portland is a town filled with criminal loving freaks. They will sooner defend a gang banger who robbed a liquor store in a narrow minded blog rant than acknowledge that 99.9% of all cops are decent hardworking people protecting and serving us. I get the whole anarchist, anti cop vibe the Mercury wants to project. Guess I would be upset too if I was spraypainting graffiti on private property and got billy clubbed on the head.

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