News Jun 18, 2014 at 4:00 pm

The Biggest Hurdle to Legal Pot Might Be Its Supporters


This. Is. Comedy. Gold.

There is really only one source of all the strife: Paul Stanford.

As NAO keeps chugging along, Stanford's ego endures a bruising as it becomes ever more obvious that he will be but a footnote should pot become legalized.

Should NAO qualify for the ballot, will Stanford's petulence rise to the fore, and will he pull some stunt to scuttle the vote?
Who cares? Illegal weed is half the price, twice as good and easy to get as a taco. Who gives a shit if it's legal?
i'd gladly pay twice as much if it meant that people weren't going to jail.
The only thing I support is legalization of personal use. I'm not at all interested in some new OLCC jacking up the prices, setting lousy store hours, and pretending to save wild land and schools.
It's unfortunate that instead of judging these proposals on their relative merits, we're reduced to arguing personalities. Who do I dislike more, Paul Sanford or Wiener and Kauffman?
At The Single Seed Centre, you can buy only one seed or as many as you like. Why not mix and match?
So two bongs make a fight

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