Wow, maybe they will be recalled after all.
Why do you say that? This looks like a giant step in the right direction: funding improvements everyone benefits from via progressive taxation of people and businesses in a way that is easy to assess and collect.
Sure, because what percentage of Portlanders make over $125k? And of those, how many can accurately predict the the dollar amount of a 1% increase in their income tax?

The less information you give people the more palatable it is? People are fine with options that don't impact them directly? SHOCKING REVELATION!
Part of me wonders if this was the plan all along...Float an unpopular plan, pretend to delay implementation to solicit more public feedback and then roll out a permanent tax hike.
"We'll just throw ideas at the wall until one of them sticks it to you."
@Justin, I also don't agree with putting the burden for a system everyone uses completely on a small number of high earners, but it is pretty easy to determine what a 1% increase means: multiply last year's AGI on your tax return by 0.01.

I'm also willing to bet that the "Only $125K+" option isn't the one that ultimately gets selected. As it turns out, the perspective of wealthier people tends to get considered by people who have to periodically raise money from wealthier people to keep their jobs.
@hank: part of you is giving your municipal representatives far too much credit for Machiavellian brilliance.
@Colin: While it may be straightforward to figure out what the dollar amount would be with a little effort, how many people can figure out during a poll that it means $8/mo. for people making $40k?

I'm just betting that "one quarter of one percent" polls better than "Eight bucks a month".

I'm also betting that "one percent of someone else's money" polls better than "any amount of your money".
Just what is the median income for Portlanders that work for a living?
I also agree the polls are stupid, and for the reasons you mention.

All I really care about is what the polls imply of the askers rather than the asked: that the tax and collection mechanisms being considered are getting more some-sensical.
Thanks god. I often find myself saying "the income tax in this state, and in Multnomah county isn't nearly high enough already". But just in case someone does take issue with the flood of new tax proposals coming from our great and efficient representatives on the city council, don't worry. They'll take your money anyway. Enjoy all those "services".
Median household income in Portland in 2009: $50,203

Number of households with income < $10k: 8.4% (20,148)
Number of households with income $10-20k: 11.6% (27,689)
Number of households with income $20-30k: 10.3% (24,676)
Number of households with income $30-40k: 9.8% (23,505)
Number of households with income $40-50k: 9.6% (22,940)
Number of households with income $50-60k: 9.1% (21,756)
Number of households with income $60-75k: 10.4% (24,770)
Number of households with income $75-100k: 11.6% (27,811)
Number of households with income $100-125k: 7.7% (18,369)
Number of households with income $125-150k: 4.0% (9,560)
Number of households with income $150-200k: 3.2% (7,656)
Number of households with income $200k: 4.2% (10,021)

Read more:
Note: $125K in AGI looks to PER PERSON, not per household. In other words, personal income, not combined household income.

So under the "$125k+" option polled, that would mean a person could have an AGI of $124,000 and their partner could have an AGI of $124,000, a household AGI of almost a quarter million dollars per year, and under that plan, NEITHER OF THEM WOULD PAY ANOTHER PENNY.

I'm not pointing that out to say the option is good or bad, but so people understand (or Dirk corrects me).
Really, if I'm correct, what's truly jaw-dropping is that it is apparently possible to raise $50M/year just by raising taxes by 1-3% on solely the top 1% of Portlanders.
CC: Novick made the same point.
Sorry, I have to call bullshit, here.

Any poll can be leading in its scope and be constructed in such a way that it lends itself to a predetermined conclusion. This Mayoral cabinet is the most morally bankrupt in recent memory and I trust absolutely NOTHING that comes from Hales' office. Especially when they are pushing any kind of new tax.

Does no one remember this fuck as a police chief?

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