People living in the historic Osborn Hotel building at SE Grand & Ash had a rude awakening when they had to evacuate for a three-alarm fire that is now under control. The fire started around 6 am and there are no reported injuries. Bar/club East End is on part of the ground floor and basement, and there are numerous offices, studios, and apartments in the building. I spoke to one of the building's residents, Erik Prowell, this morning, who evacuated before firefighters arrived. At the time he saw only a police officer who was talking to a man who appeared to be homeless at the back of the building, where Prowell says he also saw flames flickering in the back door, but he says he didn't see anything to indicate whether the man was involved or just passing by. KATU reporter Valerie Hurst has been tweeting updates all morning, and reports that the fire apparently did not start in the basement and was concentrated on the back side of the building. No word yet whether East End's section was affected, how the fire was started, or what the extent of the damage is. Stay tuned.

  • Valerie Hurst via Twitter

UPDATE: Just heard back from East End owner Tony Mengis, who's currently in Los Angeles (bad timing): "East End is badly water damaged right now, and we will be closed till Monday at the least. We are trying to be open for Festicide next Friday." More to come, he says.