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The Cops Nod to Transparency


I'm glad I saw two videos. I feel more confident about what we're likely looking at here, from two slightly different angles. I know people always see different (even opposite) things when looking at the same images...but after looking at these two videos a few times, no matter how hard I try, I can't see any "head lock" being attempted. I do see someone who is trying to stay upright and not be pushed onto his face on the concrete. I think that in his situation, I might have found myself reacting in the same way as he did. It's probably just the instinct of self preservation. One thing that is crystal clear to me: he was not "resisting" at the moment when the cops first started pushing him. He was just standing there in the middle of them.
This Friday - Alberta Park - 5pm.

Alberta Park is between Ainsworth and Killingsworth & 19th & 22nd Aves

Enough is enough. Recently Thai and Gio Gurule were assualted, and essentially JUMPED by the PPD (Portland Police Department) in the St. Johns neighborhood.

3-4 officers were caught on film punching, twisting, kicking, and tazing a 16 year old youth who was not drinking, who was not smoking, who was doing nothing wrong other than the crime of walking while non-white.

We told Mike Reese that we would not tolerate another event like this. Those boys were lucky to not have been killed by the obvious power tripping members of our heinous police force.

So join us this friday the 19th at 5pm to demand justice!

Never again will there be another Mike Brown, Keaton Otis, Fouad Kaady, Aaron Cambell, James Chasse, Kendra James, James Jahar Perez, and many MANY others murdered by the police.

No justice, no peace!
A police officer yells: "CALM DOWN!!!," as if THAT is supposed to clam somebody down. What the officer should have been doing, would be to de-escalate the situation. Instead, he was himself the one who was out of control. It took three police officers to wrestle a stationary child to the ground. I suppose that would be resistance, but not to arrest so much, as resistance to going down on the ground; a natural reaction, just as is not becoming relaxed when three brutes are threatening you, and yelling at you to calm down. If just one of these police officers were to have been adequately trained in Aikido, as are Japanese police, the youngster could have handled easily and harmlessly.……
Hapkido even 'mo bett'a! Ask Randy Osborne in Garden Home. Joint locks are employed to hold and restrain an aggressor while non-injurious pain can be increased or decreased by slight variation in amount of little pressure. If the police had better training, they wouldn't be so panicky and over react all the time. They would be more confident because they would actually know how to maintain control of an attacker as well as control of themselves.
First of all, the police out numbered the kid. Why were to police so up tight? Just because they were responding to a complaint doesn't necessarily mean that the complaint was legitimate. If they weren't sure that the kid was the subject of the complaint, couldn't they have been nice and polite when investigating? If the kid got upset, wouldn't it have been more civilized to let him have his say? Why aren't the police better listeners? Why couldn't they address the kid's response in a calm, quiet, relaxed manor? If they really felt the need to handcuff the kid, why didn't they calmly inform him that they have to go by the book, and so they will need to handcuff him and escort him into the car? By letting a subject know what to expect, with assurance that no harm will result, a subject has time to let the adrenaline dissipate a bit, and be able to think more rationally, rather than to panic. When the police are themselves scared and acting out of panic, it's unsettling for the target of their aggression.
Here's the other video:…

Justice For The Gurule Brothers: March On North precinct…

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