These are bullshit excuses not to wear these cameras.
3. Body cams may show more than what officers see/heard/observed.
4. Body cams cannot account for an officer’s physiological responses during critical incidents, such as visual tunneling and auditory exclusion.

Could be used for training purposes. If there are things the policeman is missing because of physiological responses, I don't want them pointing a gun at anyone.

Maybe look into effective ways of uploading all the videos, managing and organizing them into files, and when there are questions or doubts, have the footage to go back too during a case. This protects the police officers as much as it does the general public.

You know what would have prevented this topic, this need for body cams? Not bean-bagging 9 year olds, not attacking my mentally handicapped husband during a suicide attempt, tazing and beating him when he had no weapons and was already sedated by the pills he had taken. I'm sure the families of others who were victim to obscene Portland Police brutality would be happy to pay taxes to ensure this does not keep happening. There are wonderful police here who have been helpful. Let's let those cops know they deserve their job and the greatness they do with their badge. The police are paid for by us. We have the right to know without a doubt that they are doing what we paid them to do. Protect us.
Of course the police union has concerns. The main one being "will I still be able to get away with shooting someone for no good reason?".
When a Federal Judge, the Mayor, and representatives from the communities you are policing (Albina Ministerial Allianc) all suggest something, it means you should probably take it seriously. And since when did budget concerns all the sudden become an issue of the Police Union? Get real Dary Turner
Tough. Shit.
it should NOT be on the police force to manage media, period.
I have concerns about all the steroids these fucking pigs are inhaling, and more concern about that piece of shit Daryl Turner defending these cranked up cops.

Fuck you in your fool mouth, Daryl Fucking Turner.
Wait, isn't it law enforcement that constantly tells citizens that invoke their rights that if they're not doing anything wrong they have nothing to hide?
@Karmelistan, PPB has been testing for steroid use for several years now. How many officers have been found to be using steroids (or any drugs) since the random drug testing program started? I don't recall reading about any in these hallowed pages.
Body cams shouldn't concern you unless you're doing something dirty.

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