News Oct 15, 2014 at 4:00 pm

Environmental Rules Snare Plans for Propane Terminal on the Columbia


Why does the code have to be changed, rather than a variance to the existing code applied for, with a full public process weighing the desirability of granting one?
""There is no intent to open the door for prospective future uses at Terminal 6 beyond the containers, autos, and bulk that are already handled there," says Josh Thomas, a spokesman for the Port. "That kind of addition is not something we are pursuing or contemplating. It is more about consistency with various other existing Portland Harbor activities/uses."

Yeah, until one day you change your mind and decide to do otherwise. It's time to move on from supporting dangerous energy sources with severe externalities. Portland and Oregon could lead the country with a little initiative when it comes to renewable energy, but we actively choose to support and propel disastrous projects forward. When will we learn?

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