I'm sorry you weren't able to commingle with your corporate masters over booze last night, Dirk, and that they wouldn't even...sniff! to you about it. You're still young. Keep kissing the right toes and there might be a glass of Chivas Regal and a firm and hearty handshake in your future after all.
Vote with your dollars. Buy local, buy organic. In the end, that's going to have a larger impact on sustainable food practices than even the biggest mandated label.
Maybe try again in 2014 that actually makes an effort at talking about agriculture and tone down the rhetoric like showing literal turnip fish and accusing everyone that questions the necessity of the bill of being corporate shills?

That's rich for a guy who takes every opportunity to remind us that he once was allowed to stand ten feet from a minor celebrity.

Knock off the temper tantrum and go back to eating the GMOs that never bothered you before last year.
Disliking my own comment for deciding to edit out a line and creating a grammatical clusterfuck.
That sounds like something Quentin Tarantino once said to me, Mr. or Ms. Created-An-Account-Just-To-Diss-Me!
You should be happy, Todd. Even after this loss, with the fluoride win, you're batting .500 for Team Science-Is-Whatever-I-Want-It-To-Be.
Aw, I miss the fluoride days.
Thanks for costing us the election Mercury and 'boldly' standing with Monsanto for no credible reason (your editorial endorsement of the 'no' campaign was ridiculous). You are a bunch of tools.
This is the same Portland Mercury that came out against Measure 92? :( signing off....

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