Portland PD the most corrupt, uncaring state nazis I've ever dealt with or read about.
Oh goodness. The irony they seem to be missing is that when you've been found guilty of a pattern of excessive force by the DOJ, claiming that you are Darren Wilson, does not help Wilson's case at all.
Portland cops support a murderer? Not a big surprise.
I hope someone forwards this to Judge Simon
Just looked at these officer's Facebook pages. They've removed the "I am Darren Wilson" profile pics. Apparently it was a direct order they received. One officer changed his pic to Al Sharpton (a common joke among white supremacists).

And now it's been changed to remove Al Sharpton.
racist cops? what is our city leadership gonna do about it?
probably award them back pay and write a letter of commendation.
isn't that what we did for the Nazi fetisher?
Well, 3 bad apples out of ~1,000 really isn't too bad, actually. I wait patiently for the "what?! but, what about free speech!" crowd to chime in.
Those officers should be grateful they're not in Ferguson. If they were, they would have been teargassed and arrested for exercising free speech.
So they were ordered by their commander to be less "publically" racist? I am guessing the order was probably something along the lines of "Keep that at the Klan meeting boys."
like that time dahmer wore an "i am bundy" bracelet.
Of the 31 "likes" Officer Rich Storm's "I am Darren Wilson" profile picture generated, at least 18 appear to be from PPB:
Meredith Hopper โ€“ PPB officer
Darin Ladick โ€“Oregon State police trooper
Stephen Gandy โ€“ PPB officer
Tyson Estes โ€“ PPB desk clerk
Rob Brown โ€“ PPB officer
Betsy Hornstein โ€“ PPB officer
Erin Anderson โ€“ PPB officer
Scott Foster โ€“ PPB officer
Lisa Clayton โ€“ PPB officer
Chris Barker โ€“ PPB officer
Scherise Hobbs โ€“ PPB officer
Jack Hornstein PPB officer
Thomas Brennan PPB officer
Will Strawn โ€“ PPB officer
Michael Currier โ€“ PPB officer
Bret Barnum โ€“ sergeant bomb squad commander w/PPB
Jen Hertzler PPB
Lacey Sparling PPB
Police should never punch with a closed fist. They have clubs, tasers, cuffs and other means to subdue. Fists are for the ring, not the streets. You work for US - save your fists and use a club, idiot. Punch=fired.
oh word? cops are racist? damn
At this point I'm wondering what should cause more outrage: that they are obviously racist, or that they are stupid enough to have this so publicly available. I want the police officers protecting my community to be smart, dammit, not idiots who don't understand this newfangled Facebook machine and all the youtubes and twitters.
Everyone has the right to their own opinion, regardless if its wrong or right. The law only allows for it to be wrong or criminal if it infringes on someone else's rights. I myself have my own opinion on what these officers did but it is just that my own opinion. If you are rallying for certain constitutional rights to be upheld you can not set aside the constitutional right of free speech when it suits your own agenda or moral compass. Our rights as Americans should be inalienable and absolute for everyone.
Sarah: You're correct. It's not against the law for anyone, even sworn officers, to express political views away from work. The police union even has a PAC that raises money from members to give to political candidates and causes.

That said, free speech doesn't insulate you from criticism. Nor does it protect from policies, like the police bureau's, that prohibit the use of things like badges when expressing those views. That seems to have crossed the line, in Reese's and Hales' minds, from speaking for oneself to attempting to speak for a larger organization without authorization.
This is no surprise to me. I used to have a friend who was an officer in the Portland PB. He quit saying he worked with too many racist and assholes. If you're wondering, no he wasn't white.
I am not sure if its more bothersome that some of these veery same officers have been guilty of excessive force or the fact they dont seem smart enough to know that EVERYONE will see thier support.
What are the "challenge coins"?
I think challenge coins are won by doing speed runs of Super Mario Bros.
"I wait patiently for the "what?! but, what about free speech!" crowd to chime in."

They're already infesting all the articles about this story on Oregonlive/Katu, etc.. I mean, predictably, of course. Uneducated, moronic, teabagging dickwipes.
As stated in the article: "Officers certainly have a right to have and express their opinions but not using an official badge of the Portland Police Bureau. The badge represents all members of the organization, past and present, and is an important symbol in our community that must not be tarnished."

So no, not a free speech issue when utilizing the PPB badge in your support of a child killer.
Oh good, next civil rights lawsuit just cost a million dollars extra thanks to these fine 3 officers and the 18 officers who liked the images on FB.
People have a right to free speech --but they don't have a right to be a Portland Police Officer.

Being a police officer is a special kind of public trust, and this community is entitled to place that trust only in people it can be confident will apply the law fairly and without prejudice.
Let them freely express themselves, so we all can see them for how they really are.
yep these pigs are darren wilson allright, CAUSE THEY ARE OLD BLODDED LICENSED KILLERS.
This is a pretty weak local police scandal. is it the best the Merc can come up with now? I'm extremely disappointed...or should we be happy there's isn't worse going on?
As far as what can be found on the internet, outside of Ferguson PD back in September, Portland Police are the only police force inflammatory enough to sport these bracelets. That is a big deal, especially considering their history of Nazism and Oregon's KKK legacy.
The real scandal is that even if the police investigation found that these cops were grand wizards in the klan they would get a slap on the wrist and then later it would be removed from their record just like uber nazi Mark Kruger. Police oversight is a joke in this city.

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