Took a minute to understand what we're looking at in that video, but I get the problem after 1:44. So that's supposed to be a solid piece, huh?
Great job getting hold of these and reporting on this. It looks like they should seriously consider ditching these and going with good old cheap, dirty, reliable steel beams.
Shot fired!

DVH. First to the scene, last to leave.
This is a very informative post that somehow also includes the phrases "money shot" and "come shudder." Kudos!
Seems to me that some people should be looking for a new job. Why would you accept patently defective material? Oh. I know. It's not your money. (sarcasm) Bazinga.
Apparently, the substandard pieces showed up and there were no more available so the substandard pieces had to go in so that the bridge could hurry up and be open, not waiting for more pieces to be fabricated. Yes, go with the old-fashioned but make sure it is US steel.
Has anyone explored the possibility that it's a design flaw?
On further reading it really looks like a combination of design and material issues. Some heads really need to roll on both sides.

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