So Denis... Care to share what basis you have for believing that Hales' vote wasn't, in fact, "reluctant"?

You put the word in sarcasm quotes. How about sharing your reasoning?
Well at least the FBI won't have to manufacture a terror event to force the City to join, like last time.
It wasn't meant to be "sarcastic." It was just a direct, descriptive quote, a word he used, not mine, to characterize his vote—and apparently a good reminder why one-word quotes when used earnestly are often poor choices.
I'm not really buying that. You don't often pass up a chance to get in a jab at Hales, even when he does something innocuous --e.g., why is it so impossible to imagine that he guy truly DID struggle with how to vote on the JTTF? I can't think of any reason why that would be so hard to believe.

If you'd like the benefit of the doubt on earnestness, maybe you'll give it to him sometime?

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