Weren't there attacks at the Esplanade a couple days ago?
Weren't there attacks at the Esplanade a couple days ago?
Attacks of extreme ennui?
Two people were attacked by what appeared to be a homeless man on the esplanade earlier this week, one of them suffered a concussion. The man was not apprehended.
I don't know when Hales' walking cops plan will start, but it seems like now is the time. My lord.
Thus is one reason I don't live in a hive. Once people become John or Jane Does, there are too many people.
Stop breeding fools.
That area is home to multiple stolen bike chop shops that the PPB does nothing to stop.
This is tragic and frightening! Going to carry mace and a blade anytime I bike there now... Riding those areas this summer is going to be an adventure.

I know this is going to sound super-WASP-ey but maybe clearing out the MILES of homeless/meth camps along the Esplanade and Springwater corridor might help? So many tightly-wound, barely-holding-it-together-crazies in those areas! (Wrings hands and twists knots in hem of apron)
People gotta die SOMEWHERE.

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