News Apr 1, 2015 at 4:20 pm

Portland's Finally Enforcing Restraining Orders. Will We Keep It Up?


Finally someone is doing something to intervene before it happens ...Now if the domestic violence probation department would start sending their offenders to the only program in Portland that doesn't require victims to pay for the batterers program fees(Teras Interventions and Counseling)-we will start to have a truly coordinated community response!
Shocking that only 10% or so of TRO violations are even investigated when 40% of violent crimes are DV related! It seems to me these should be very high priorities, on the level just below a violent crime in action, as a TRO violation is often a prelude to a violent attack. It's about time this got more attention, but we should be investigating 100% of these, not 10%!
Its too easy to get a restraining order against anybody for any reason.
And, its too hard to enforce all these restraining orders.

so maybe.....
just arm everybody. what could go wrong?

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