News Apr 15, 2015 at 4:20 pm

How a $500 Million Fuel Facility Nearly Crept into North Portland


That graphic is kind of hilarious. Buy some new pants, hippies!
Human Beings now require power sources to make this thing called Energy to power i-phones, tablets, heat for your homes - as well as to power the trucks that bring you food from the farm, etc etc.
While acting like an Ostrich may seem obviously suitable to you, those Realists among us know that there still remains a several hard choices for the public to swallow, as any energy source has its' cons.
And propane remains a cleaner choice among the field of dirty choices.
When wind and solar power (which also have their negatives) can even come close to supplying 50% of our power needs, then your article might become relevant.
Till then, any article trying to convince the old 'No Nukes' hippies that nuclear power in the manner the French are doing is the perhaps the greenest of power, would be useful.
That's a cop-out frankieb. Wind and solar power could easily supply our power needs, but that won't happen unless we invest in renewable resources and building that infrastructure. Those kind of investments certainly aren't going to be made by energy companies when we give them the green light to continue to profit on fossil fuels. That's just common sense. The example in Germany is clear proof of the capabilities of alternative energy. The last grasp for more profit with these dirty choices at a time when we are facing global climate crises is despicable.
At least nuclear puts our own necks in the game; not just the fish and birds.
You're pissing in the wind frankieb trying to explain to "green" Portlanders just how dependent on evil dirty energy they are. We're no different than Texans in our energy consumption, with the exception of feeling momentarily guilty about it. And before I'd go about using Germany as a shining example of green power, I'd dig a little deeper into what's really going on there. It's clear alright, clear as mud.
Thanks Shelby for reporting this excellent piece on Pembina Propane! It's the responsibility of our city government to involve citizens in these decisions that really do effect us. I live in the blast zone of the proposed facility and rail lines and I deserve to know what's really happening to effect my health and safety.
"I live in the blast zone"
In light of the safety history of propane and its' shipping, what a joke.
You may as well live a life of fear from shark attacks in Portland.
Amaya, as far as a cop-out -- well, back your statement up. You show me any credible studies showing wind and solar power can meet even just 50% of human population needs in the NW.
If it was feasible now, it would already be happening. All energy companies would love to be viewed in any sort of positive light that they could corner.
Prove your statement.
So explain how this helps me, a Portland resident. What's in it for ME? (or any other local citizen)
russell, you mean besides the building jobs of the terminal, the tax base income it will generate, or just the needed jobs of people to man it?
Hmm, good question man.

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