David James Ellis
  • David James Ellis

Portland cops say the man who stabbed a Portland police officer before being shot Sunday morning was lingering near one of the bureau's community policing outposts, prompting officers to attempt to stop him.

In what's likely the bureau's final release about the incident pending investigation, cops say two Portland police officers—Jose Jimenez and Scott Konczal—saw 55-year-old David James Ellis at the Parkrose "police contact office" near NE 110th and Sandy around 1:41 am Sunday.

The release says "it appeared to the officers that Ellis was trying to burglarize" the office, and so Jimenez began to follow Ellis on foot, while Konczal pulled the car in front of the man.

At the corner of 110th and Sandy, Ellis turned towards Officer Jimenez, reached into his back pocket and retrieved a folding knife.

Officer Jimenez backed away from Ellis, trying to create distance, and fell backwards injuring his right hand and wrist.

Ellis jumped on top of Officer Jimenez, who used his left hand to cover his heart as Ellis stabbed him, injuring Officer Jimenez's left hand.

Cops say Konczal fired his gun, hitting Ellis in the right arm and ending the physical altercation. Ellis will face charges including attempted aggravated murder when he's released from the hospital. Jimenez was released after getting medical attention.

Ellis appears to have a lengthy criminal background, and court records suggest he also has a history of requiring mental health treatment. Records show felony convictions for assault and kidnapping in the late '80s, menacing in 2000, and attempting to elude a police officer in 2006. Records also reference psychotropic medications Ellis is required to take.

Police say Jimenez has been with the bureau for three years. Konczal has been with the PPB for four years, and served as a Detroit police officer before that (learn about him in this video!).

Sunday's shooting marked the second for Portland police in a week. On June 28, police shot a Eugene man who they said leveled a starter pistol at officers.