I am proud to know ya
Yes all oil companies are evil, and yes these sorts of direct action activities guarantee media coverage of whatever issue is being protested, but the message always seems to get lost and the protesters end up looking like self-involved assholes.

If you want to engage in this type of performance art, please try to have some kind of positive thing to say that the average Joe can understand, like "Hey ppl, let's use less oil or something!", and then provide alternatives to not using oil. Or better yet, forget the protesting and work on encouraging and facilitating average joes to adopt alternative energy. Now that would be direct action!
I am so very tired of any people acting as Martyrs, whether I agree with them ideologically or not.
More often than not, they are what is wrong in society.
Jonah Majure has been a thoughtful organizer and contributor to environmental activism in our town for many years now. He's such a boyscout! Also shy and retiring. I did not know it was possible to like and admire him more than we already did. He should run for office. He has integrity and intelligence.
Are Intel and Apple evil? They both build products based on oil. Do you drive a car or ride in a bus, also evil by extension? The biggest evil to mankind in the near term would be to shut down oil companies but those without a brain refuse to acknowledge that. Here's a question - how do the greenpeace protesters power their boats to protest whaling and drilling?
So he is all about self-sacrifice and direct action and stuff, but he is still concerned about what his parents think? Not grown up yet.
All you people suck. These corporations are buying up the entire planet for profit, and you think you're so cool and subversive for dissing people that put their LIVES, not just their jobs and freedom on the line to bring this into the global arena. Go suck down another 15 PBR s and let the grownups talk.
Aurelius, if you don't own energy stocks and at least one water-rights corporation, coke, nestle, whatever, you're technically not a grownup.
I've had Coca cola stock since 1988. Gift from my grandma. Coke is it!
This kid seems sincere and definitely has guts!

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