News Sep 9, 2015 at 4:20 pm

A Faith-Based Group Has a Big Voice on Affordable Housing


Awesome article. Thanks to the Mercury for drawing attention to this issue. The City Council will be voting on finalizing the TIF Set-Aside for the next 5 years on October 21st (assuming no schedule changes). Between now and then, please take the time to call your City Councilors, and to encourage them to prioritize the livability of this city.
The PDC spent almost the entire two-hour meeting trying to browbeat the Commission into "revisiting" --ie, backing off --its recommendation to go to 50%. They also got an assist from Dan Saltzman, whose attendence seemed intended to push the Commissioners off of their request.

It took guts for them to unanimously stick to their guns. They deserve the community's thanks.
Any attempt to fund 'affordable housing' will be met with cronyism to get a hold of cheap rents to avoid the market rate.
Look at San Francisco and New York, etc.
It only really works for a select few.
The insidious MARKET has the last say in this.
Funding any attempt to counter this, while Idealistic, is foolhardy at best and cynical at worst.
Frankie, someday if you say something intelligent I think I'll have a heart attack.

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