HEY GUYS! Looking for a place that logs all of the developer action turning this city into a brutalist glass and concrete hellscape?
How old are these trees anyway? I need context.
Melogna: "Planted back in the Civil War era", according to the campaign.

My question is why the hell aren't they protected under the Endangered Species Act?
Oh, dear, "moneyed Eastmoreland"! You'll be shunned if you don't carry some Grey Poupon, Shelby.
The party who sold the property should also bear part of the cost of keeping the trees. Obvs the developer paid value for the land (and maybe the lumber). I wouldn't mind pitching in something as a taxpayer. These kinds of problems don't just solve themselves we need policies that address the competing interests and some plan for who should have to pay what.
Guess it would be cool to have a backyard that's shrouded in regal, majestic darkness. Or the city could just buy the lots and establish "Three Sequoias Planted In A Straight Line Long Ago City Park."
Yeah, I'm usually on the side of more development, but I just can't wrap my head around this. It just seems cartoonishly evil. And I can't see how cutting them down even makes financial sense, even if you were a cartoon villain.
What a joke this has turned into.
That the Mayors Office has felt the need to get involved is beyond reason.
C'mon folks, we live in a city that is grappling with an expanding population and a Urban Growth Boundary.
Charlie, shit like this makes me think more about Ted.
HANG ON FOLKS I GOT A RUMOR: Matt Stone of South Park put up the remainder to outbid the developer.

Source: My Girlfriend over text message. So, you know JOURNALISM IT FOR US.
So, while the deal between Remmers of Everett Homes (the evil developer) and the neighbors (who include friends of Matt Stone) was being negotiated, the city sent somewhere between 32 and 50 policemen, including the CERT team, to protect Remmer's land from one tree-sitter, some middle-aged East Moreland neighbors, a few Reedies, some KBOO staff. and a whole bunch of little kids with Lorax signs. It was kind of sickening to have 3 or 4 dozen armed goons there. And I couldn't help but wonder what the city was paying out in cop wages.
The Mayor's office didn't get involved, a dude who lives a few streets away named Charlie Hales (allegedly) got involved... because he lives there.

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