This feel-good-measure will, in the end, be worth nothing unless you can regulate Inflation.
And signs of this also come from the well-meaning CEO up in Seattle who increased his base yearly wage to what - something around 55 to 60 grand?
And what happened? He pissed off workers who had toiled at that wage already and some quit.
The argument remains, if 15 is so great, why stop there?
Let's make it 25 and everyone will be even more happy, right?
If passed, the ballot initiative would link the $15 wage would increase with inflation, as Oregon's current minimum wage does.
Shamus, aren't you being a little disingenuous here?
The question isn't about tying the minimum wage to inflation, but rather stopping inflation once the minimum wage goes up?
It isn't honest to try fooling folks in double-speak.

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