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Here's What You Should Know.


At Canna and the City (3607 SW Corbett) you won't be treated differently - in fact, rec customers get med prices from 9am to 11am today, which is pretty rad.
The law allows you to grow more than it allows to possess. That means it's legal to have a lot of herb, as long as it isn't cut from the stalk.

Panama DC grown outdoors can yield three kilos. Grow four of those monsters and you get a total of thirty pounds. Rent sixty lockers to dry and cure half a pound in each. You can harvest within a three week period of time, from between week 9 and 11 of flowering.

The earlier you cut, the lower the CBD. Only cut what will equate to eight ounces once dried at a time, take that half pound to a locker, then go back to cut another eight ounces to take to another locker.

This will keep you quite busy for a couple of weeks, but thirty pounds of grass is worth about ninety grand, wholesale. Don't sell it though, give it away for free, to anyone who buys your autographed copies of 'I, Anonymous: The Rant Blog' print outs, for about half of what they would have to pay for weed, retail.

FLICK 'da Fascists!
Rent each locker in the name of a different corporation, with strawmen for officers. Get power of attorney from each corporation in order to rent the lockers with an apostle.

Really, really, FLICK 'da Fascists.
Of course you only get one or maybe two crops per year, growing outdoors in Orygun, but the rest of the year, you can use those lockers to grow in. Humbolt Seed Organization's, Lemon Thai Kush can produce 3/4 of a pound indoors in about 11 weeks. Just be sure to use a grow tent, low power consuming LEDs, and ionized carbon air purifiers.

I'll let you do the math on this one.
Just make sure that the corporations are held in an offshore trust that's irrevocable and discretionary, of course.

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