News Oct 14, 2015 at 4:20 pm

The Mayor's Office Says It's Cool with "Hazelnut Grove." The State's Looking to Crack Down


I sleep outside. I don't block any sidewalk and I don't leave tents up all the live long fucking day. If a rich person wants to be homeless, then let them spring for a small storage space to stow their gear when not in use. Make yourself inconspicuous. Don't hang out on street corners. Go the public library, or a coffee shop, or better yet, get an OSHER card from PSU, for a nominal fee, and hang around on Campus for 18 hours a day. Get a locker and take showers there. Use the restrooms all you want. Surf porn in the computer labs for crying out loud. Hit on all the homos. Make sour faces at the self important Safety Patrollers. Take a snooze in the library. There are even free plays, concerts, and dance recitals from time to time. Just don't stay past 11pm or get there before 5am.
You know, part of why it's so rough being homeless is because of the homeless. I'm in housing now, but I was sleeping on a loading dock in the Northwest industrial neighborhood for a year before I moved in ... and, let me tell you, we street people are disgraceful animals! No, not all of us, but those of us who are clean and respectable aren't the ones you see; you see the drunks and druggies, the thugs and thieves and creeps, and the distressingly mentally ill (who at least have an excuse for their behavior β€” Reagan should never have shut down those institutions!) ... and, they're all over the place. And, well, they do trash places, behave unseemly, and engage in theft and in violent behavior. These guys are my peers, and they need to get a clue and realize they're still a part of society and until they behave themselves better they're going to be treated as scum and crooks.

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